Green Computing

Energy efficiency for data centers and server nodes:

Reduce demand for energy - improve efficiency and CO2 balance.
In the U.S. alone run five power plants of 1000 megawatt-class data centers in order to supply electricity, about 14 worldwide

2005, the operation of servers, cooling systems and ancillary equipment in data centers consumed 45 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. The current costs add up to 2.7 billion U.S. dollars (2.06 billion euros).

Half of the energy is used for cooling.

The U.S. data centers are responsible for 1.2% of total national electricity consumption - about as much as the television sets of the TV Nation USA.

Global energy consumption is estimated at more than 120 billion kilowatt hours at a cost of 7.2 billion dollars (5.48 billion euros).

In Germany there are approximately 50,000 data centers. These consume 8.67 terawatt hours of electricity, emit 5.6 million tons of CO2. By 2010, the consumption increases to an estimated 13 billion kilowatt hours and 8.5 million tons of carbon dioxide (about five nuclear power plants). The electricity costs are currently at 610 million euros by 2010 it is expected to rise to 910 million.

Energy-efficient solutions are needed!

Servers are currently busy on average only about 15 percent. The remainder of the available resources dissipated idle.

Instead of just considering the cost of buying new servers, which should in the long term "total cost of ownership", ie the total cost over the period of use, serve as criteria for purchasing decisions.

Clever solutions for server consolidation, virtualization with virtual operating systems and server load management, energy-efficient cooling of the IT systems and the use of renewable energies helps to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions!

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