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Research Projects

Promoted by the Ministery of Economy (Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg) and in cooperation with the "Institut für Rationelle Energieanwendung" (IER) of the university Stuttgart:

Optional use of the potentials for improving the energy efficiency by an integrated network of requirements in existing and newly planned locations of commerce and industry


Minerals and Sonte & Earth,  Automotive,  machinery, Food Industries (Catering, backers, butchers chill camps), Energy (production, waste), Housing industry and property developers (public-private-partnership, building authorities Land and local authorities, facility management, building sector), IT-sector (computing centers/server rooms), homeowner -collectives

Industry/service providers:

  • small and medium sized bussiness
  • large scale industry
  • real estate operators and real estate construction industry

Banking industry / insurance industry

Institutional Investors:

  • Project developer


  • cities and communities
  • communal organizations

Independent Professions:

  • Architects, engieneering offices