Energy and water costs are fluctuating and overall continuously increasing stronger than e.g. market growth or inflation. This makes your energy/water bill unpredictable and causes that bill becoming an increasing part of your total costs. Via controlled cost planning the project targets will be achieved by planned improvement measures.

The success of the realized improvement measures increases by a systematic supervision of the key performance indicators (KPI).

To provide an efficient controlling tool, we advise an automatic data logging system like our custom tailored Smart Logging. The targeted consumptions depending on the efficiency and quality of the buildings and facilities and shall be reduced.

To avoid increased energy consumptions by wrong user behavior it is also important to stipulate an incentive program with the operators and the maintenance department. The values of the KPIs will be configured in the software of the Smart Logging System.

Alert service bulletins and immediate measures defined in an action plan guaranties a rapid intervention when the KPIs exceed the limits of the configured values.